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Our History

We began as a pilot project in August 2016 in partnership with Tacoma Community House with a group of 22 refugees and community members.  The program was well received and quickly grew to create a welcoming and affirmative learning experience for over 600 participants from 52 nations along with diverse members from the U.S. 

Community building and education are central to our program as we emphasize the power of each individual to welcome and support others and use their voice to make a difference.  Singing together offers the opportunity to literally find one’s voice and empowers participants to be leaders and recognize the value of all members of our community.  

The program, which meets every Tuesday night and welcomes new visitors almost every time, is designed to quickly help people make friends, overcome barriers between people that might not otherwise interact in the community, and engage in a communal experience of music, food, and dance. The result is a fun, high-energy, and affirming weekly gathering that one member from the Democratic Republic of Congo called “my best day in America.”

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Our Programs

Tacoma Refugee Choir

The Tacoma Refugee Choir is firmly committed to diversity, equity, access and inclusion and strives to embed these principles in everything we do.  This includes our approach to singing.

To provide a more equitable and welcoming space:

  1. No audition is required

  2. Musical training is not needed 

  3. Participation is free 

Our songs include songs that speak of love, hope, social justice, commitment, and belonging. Many songs are sung in English and members will sometimes share songs in their native tongues.  Additionally, we co-create original songs with members based on their stories and experiences. One of our favorites, sung at every Tacoma Refugee Choir event, is "Everyone Can Love Someone."

TRC Teen Sings

We began in fall 2020 to give diverse youth in 6th – 12th grade a place to gather virtually during the pandemic, to sing and support each other. Several students (all students of color) have started stepping into leadership roles in facilitating activities, encouraging others, and welcoming new members.  One student said, “I’m smiling for the first time in a year. I feel seen and valued. I feel hope.”


I love Teen Sings because I feel safe and love in our meeting. I have a family here too and people I can turn to if I'm in need of support. I can't thank you enough for all the help yall have gave me, especially during this tragedy. To be honest, when I heard of Teen Sings, I thought it was boring because it was just singing. But when I joined the first meeting, I felt a weight off my chest because I was going through something during that time and seeing you guys smile, interact with me, and care for me was just a miracle. I been wanting to work on myself, especially with my mental health and now I am the person who I wanted and needed to be. Thanks to you guys because in every meeting, yall had opened arms with your bright smiles that gave me warmth. I was in the dark and yall brought me out to the light. The most important reason I love Teen Sings is because I felt accepted here and I was a whole new positive bright person because of the inspiration you showed me.

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Music Therapy

In this day and age people are struggling and music can help! Many studies have observed  the ways in which singing in groups is a uniquely powerful catalyst for interpersonal bonding and camaraderie.

We offer a safe place for people from all backgrounds to experience music and let their emotions heal through music.

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