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Tacoma Refugee Choir is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

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We are creating a more welcoming community for refugees and immigrants due to generous support from donors like YOU!  This generosity has allowed us to keep our programs FREE of charge and reduce barriers that often limit participation by members from historically underrepresented communities.

Why Donate?

Traditional choirs pay their bills through a combination of dues (an average of $250/year per person), ticket sales ($20+ per ticket), grants and additional fundraising. 

To break down barriers of equity and accessibility, we provide our year-round program FREE to all participants and provide learning experiences such as music therapy workshops, classes in singing and songwriting, and conversations around diversity, equity and inclusion.  We typically produce two fully-produced concerts free to the community each year, in addition to more than a dozen other annual appearances that are often free, plus music videos on socially relevant topics.

Additionally, we offer other services not available in a typical choir including guided access to community resources, transportation support for in-person gatherings, and leadership development for members.

Our online Teen Sings program supports youth with the opportunity to sing with peers in a way not easily accomplished during the pandemic.  This fall, we hope community support will enable us to expand this into an in-person program focused on leadership development, social change, equity and inclusion, and healing through music.

We rely on donors to fulfill this ambitious mission and encourage you to please consider making a donation to support this life-changing work.

Especially with the challenges due to COVID-19 concerns, your support is more important than ever to enable us to continue our mission.


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