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On this page, you will find key questions and answers about joining Tacoma Refugee Choir and resources to apply to join the choir for our new season. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact us

Key Information

What is Tacoma Refugee Choir?

The Tacoma Refugee Choir (TRC) is composed of singers from a diversity of life experiences and musical traditions, united by a commitment to [prioritize and be inspired by] the experiences of refugee and immigrant people. Our repertoire is an eclectic mix of original compositions devised by Choir members, traditional music from around the world, and songs that create joy and encourage the Tacoma community to find harmony in our diversity. We primarily learn and rehearse using non-Western and rote approaches and develop performances as a community. TRC performs regularly and emphasizes the growth and leadership of its members.


Who can be in Tacoma Refugee Choir?

The Choir is limited to 40 dedicated singers. Auditions are not required. New members are accepted into the program after an interview process and evaluation based on lived experience and alignment with TRC’s mission and vision. There are no group dues or fees. Children with their parents or guardians are welcome at rehearsals with the expectation that parents are providing full supervision. Youth age 8 or older may join the choir with a parent or guardian providing additional support to enable their full participation


When and where does Tacoma Refugee Choir rehearse and perform?

The group meets on Tuesday evenings September through May in Tacoma. Choir members agree to participate fully, adhere to community agreements, attend rehearsals, and perform at TRC annual concerts (Winter and Spring). Additionally, the Choir is invited to perform at a number of community events throughout the year and in the summer. Members participate as available.


Why should you join Tacoma Refugee Choir?

Because you believe in the power of music and have a desire to create harmony out of diversity. Because you are interested in building relationships with others with differing perspectives and life experiences and in working together to inspire the Tacoma community.

What is Harmony After Hours?

This season, in addition to the Tuesday night choir, TRC will be offering a new educational program called Harmony After Hours starting October 18, 2023. This fun series of classes will meet twice a month on Wednesday nights (6:45-8:45 PM). All are welcome (including past, present, and future TRC members). If you are interested in this program, please sign up to receive more information.

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