Three Reasons to Join Us (and How to Join)

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

Three Reasons to Join Us

The Tacoma Refugee Choir is a welcoming community of refugees, immigrants, and friends who sing together to extend love, hope, and unconditional belonging. In the last 3 years, we have welcomed over 500 choir members from over 47 countries, and we can only hope to welcome more.

Cultivating your Love for Music

Music is a powerful tool used for expressing emotions, telling a story, and bringing people together. Its effects on our daily lives is so prominent, life would simply be more bland without music to spice up our lives. Those who our passion and love for music can find unique opportunities to improve their skills whether it is through singing, songwriting, performing, playing an instrument.

Being a Part of a Community

Being able to interact with others on a more personal level - meeting new people, building relationships, and working towards a common goal - brings a sense of community. Think of the choir as your extended family; you’ve probably never been in a family as large as ours. There are many opportunities within the choir to bond whether it is celebrating someone’s birthday or just having deep conversations about how we are feeling. Our hope is that singing with us not only bonds you to our choir, but that it also inspires you to spread joy in your own personal and professional lives.

Like we said - “It’s hard not to love people when you sing together.”

Making a Difference

It feels good to have an impact - big or small - on issues we care about. We often feel like we can't make a difference individually, yet our contributions to the world must start with the faith that we can. With recent attacks to the refugee and immigrant community, Tacoma Refugee Choir works together to counter that message by standing in solidarity against discrimination, whether it is due to ones race, ethnicity, nationality, or status. Our choir, which is the first of its kind in the United States, is looking to create a movement of love, hope, and unconditional belonging, using music to share the stories of refugees, immigrants, and second generation Americans.

Join us at our next practice and let us know you'll be coming by filling out our New Member form.

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