• Tacoma Refugee Choir

Choir insight from Diane Tilstra, Operations Director

Tacoma Refugee Choir works diligently to be equitable in everything it does. It inspires me to work with so many people from so many places in the world. Our music reflects many cultures and ethnicities. But there is one more way that TRC goes the extra mile. It is the multitude of AGES that are represented: from little Vivien who is only 2 years old (she was part of the choir even before she was born) and brings such delight to us when she toddles around in our midst dancing to the rhythms of our wise ELDERS! I work with the Refugee Choir as Operations Manager and I'm enjoying my 7th decade! I get to bring the wisdom I have earned from a long career to supporting this work. So I am pleased to work with a group that appeals to ALL ages as well as diversity! 

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