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REHEARSALS (Tuesdays 7 pm - 8:30 pm)

Tahoma Unitarian Universalist Congregation

1115 S. 56th St. Tacoma, WA 98408

© 2019 | The Tacoma Refugee Choir



100% of proceeds will benefit Tacoma Refugee Choir.



Week 01

Why We Sing and It Starts with a Breath

  • How singing makes us feel, basic neuroscience of how music impacts us, how we use our voice in all aspects of life, mindset for developing a talent; 

  • Explanation of breathing mechanism and how posture affects our ability to breathe and produce good sound.  

  • Exercises for practicing breathing and how practicing breathing can help us deal with stress. 

week 02

how the voice works

  • Basic Technical overview of the voice and basic anatomy including phonation (how breath impacts the sound that comes out) 

  • How posture impacts our ability to breathe deeply and produce a strong voice

  • Straw phonation exercises

  • Songs that encourage deep breaths and confidence.

week 03

Be Heard: Registration & Resonance

Registration (head voice and chest voice)- how to develop head voice

Exercises for differentiating the registers

How we amplify our sound and color the voice to be more effective and/or beautiful.  

week 04

What does it all Mean: Diction & Text Interpretation    

How diction impacts the color of the sound and how to release tension in the diction- alphabet exercise

Digging into the lyrics and considering how to convey the text with meaning 

Support our cause, learn to sing, and meet new people!

March 28th was to be our annual Fundraiser, which we hoped would raise almost 20% of our annual budget. As we seek to fill a part of this shortfall, we hope you will consider donating to this online fundraiser so that we can continue supporting our TRC family and make music to heal and strengthen our community when we all can safely gather again.

Gain new confidence to sing.

Understand how your voice works so that you know how to improve it.

Engage in a community as we work together.

Erin Guinup

Executive and Artistic Director of

Tacoma Refugee Choir