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Find solace in music and singing with a community united in love and hope. 

This course is an opportunity for singers of all levels to develop new skills that will help you be more confident when you sing. You will learn about how your voice works, how breathing and posture impact sound, and how to bring it all together so that you will feel good about sharing your unique voice. Our hope is that this practical course will give you the courage to lift your voice more often and lift your heart in these difficult times. This course experience (valued at $297) is offered with a minimum donation of $99 with 100% of proceeds benefiting the Tacoma Refugee Choir.

If you cannot afford the class, we are offering waivers to cover the full cost, simply send in a waiver request via email to

Gain new confidence to sing.

Understand how your voice works so that you know how to improve it.

Engage in a community as we work together.

To respond to the impact of this recent pandemic, we are expanding our Member Services to address inequities that have prevented members from being able to fully participate with the choir. To build the organizational capacity for the community partnerships we need to achieve this, we need to fully fund our Member Services Coordinator position. This position would work directly and confidentially with members to connect them with existing resources, focusing on developing self-sufficiency so that our members can thrive in areas beyond singing. This will also allow us to improve our existing membership structure to better serve refugees in the areas of recruitment, on-boarding, and skill-building. 


12:00 PM (PDT)

Week 1: It Starts with a Breath

- How singing makes us feel, basic neuroscience of how music impacts us, how we use our voice in all aspects of life, mindset for developing a talent; 
- Explanation of breathing mechanism and how posture affects our ability to breathe and produce good sound.  
- Exercises for practicing breathing and how practicing breathing can help us deal with stress.  


12:00 PM (PDT)

Week 2: How the Voice Works

- Basic Technical overview of the voice and basic anatomy including phonation & registration 
- How posture impacts our ability to breathe deeply and produce a strong voice
- Exercises for differentiating the registers


12:00 PM (PDT)

Week 3: Relax and Be Heard

- How we amplify our sound and color the voice to be more effective and/or beautiful.  
- How tension impedes our sound and ways to relax the voice and the body
- How diction impacts the color of the sound and how to release tension as you speak and sing.


12:00 PM (PDT)

Week 4: Putting it All Together

- Learn how to bring together all of the techniques we have studied to refine your stage presence, presentation skills, and self-confidence.

Meet the Instructor

Erin Guinup, Artistic & Executive Director

A master teacher in both classical and contemporary vocal technique, Erin’s voice students have found success on Broadway, regional theatre, operatic stages, and television, including American Idol and The Voice. 

Waiver - Free Participation

If you cannot take this class due to financial need, please submit an application to with the following details:

  • Your Name

  • Age

  • A paragraph (or video) describing what you hope to get out of this course.

Application Guidelines:

  • Subject Line - "Waiver Application - Singing Fundamentals" ​

  • Accepted formats - text, word document, pdf, or video (mp4, mov)

  • The application will not be screened for spelling or grammatical errors

Please email us if you have any questions or would like to apply via phone call. 


The Tacoma Refugee Choir believes everyone can sing and should enjoy the benefits of singing.  Many who had never sung formally find their voice and a supportive community in this very special choir.  These unique times have deeply challenged us all but has also created opportunities to reflect and connect in new ways and to develop as individuals so that we can be stronger together.