Week 1 - It Starts With a Breath

Recorded May 7th 12 PM - 1PM (Pacific Daylight Time)

Week 1 Homework - Complete before May 14th

(1) Ask yourself the following question: Why do I sing? 
You are not required to submit your answer as a written response, but you are welcome to share during our next class. We would love to know why you sing! Think about your experiences since you started singing, what you love most about it, and how you would like to apply and advance your singing skills. 

(2) Pick a song to sing. 
It can be a favorite of yours, or something new that you would like to learn. We will be asking you to continue practicing this song for the duration of this course. The goal is to improve noticeably on your singing with frequent practice. Keep in mind that the song does not have to be too aspirational. It can be a song that is easy for you to sing and memorize.

(3) Practice your breathing and the (straw) humming exercise that was demonstrated in the class. 
Practice makes perfect. To make the most of this class, you will have to (during your own time) practice and perfect the techniques we have passed onto you. You can only get out as much as you put in.

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