Week 3 - Relax and Be Heard 👂

Recorded May 21st 12 PM - 1PM (Pacific Daylight Time)

Week 3 Homework - Complete before May 28th

(1) Practice your song! 
We are opening up our next class for some demonstrations of your progress. We would love if you can share up to 30 seconds of your hard work. 

(2) Continue practicing all exercises, focusing on diction and applying it to your song.
Practice makes perfect. To make the most of this class, you will have to (during your own time) practice and perfect the techniques we have passed onto you. You can only get out as much as you put in.

(3) Bonus Materials! 

Erin has included two worksheets (character study and song worksheets) that will help to get you thinking for Week 4. Use these materials to deepen your understanding of leveraging character to "color" your voice. You are not expected to complete these prior to the next session but it might be helpful as we start to consider how the character and technique come together.

Class Materials

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