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Being welcoming is everyone's job. You can make a big difference in the lives of community members around you. There's lots of ways to get involved: plan to attend a concert, partner with us as a donor, sign up to learn more about the choir, contact us about collaboration, and share our content to inspire change in your communities.  Most of all, make an effort to help someone feel welcomed in our communities. Remember Everyone Can Love Someone, and we can all help make this difference!


Visit this page for more information and application details to join the Tacoma Refugee Choir for its 2023-2024 Season.

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Any amount small or large helps. We can't run without our donors. Thank you!

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The Tacoma Refugee Choir is firmly committed to diversity, equity, access and inclusion and strives to embed these principles in everything we do.  This includes our approach to singing.

To provide a more equitable and welcoming space:

  1. No audition is required. You simply meet with the director to discuss your reasons for wanting to join the choir.

  2. Musical training is not needed.  We will teach you what you need to know and will support you in your growth.

  3. Participation is free.

Our songs often speak of love, hope, grief, unity and belonging. Many songs are sung in English and members will sometimes share songs in their native tongues.  We write many of our own songs with members based on their stories and experiences and develop the arrangements together. One of our favorites, sung at every Tacoma Refugee Choir event, is "Everyone Can Love Someone."

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"This is a place of belonging"
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