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"Creating spaces for authentic expression, interconnection, 
and healing through song and music."

Though we as individuals may feel powerless to change conditions for the 70+ million people displaced by wars, famine, and natural disasters, we are not powerless to ensure that those who find themselves in our community are welcomed and loved.


While singing is a key part of the experience, our primary objective is to create space where meaningful relationships can develop and members can uplift one another.  We use music as a tool to engage members and open the door for authentic expression, interconnection, and healing. New members often comment on the love and genuine welcome they feel.

The Tacoma Refugee Choir is firmly committed to diversity, equity, access and inclusion and strives to embed these principles in everything we do.  This includes our approach to singing.

To provide a more equitable and welcoming space:

  1. No audition is required

  2. Musical training is not needed 

  3. Participation is free 

Our songs include songs that speak of love, hope, social justice, commitment, and belonging. Many songs are sung in English and members will sometimes share songs in their native tongues.  Additionally, we co-create original songs with members based on their stories and experiences. One of our favorites, sung at every Tacoma Refugee Choir event, is

"Everyone Can Love Someone."

We believe in the power of music to uplift, inspire and unite people of all cultures, colors, and religions. 


Throughout the pandemic, we have continued to meet weekly to sing and support one another. We have helped each other through job challenges, the births of babies, and health crises as we sing, laugh, talk, uplift, and mourn with one another. There is a tangible sense of love and unity among choir members that likely would never have crossed paths in any other way.

As one of our songs reminds us, "We are all in this together."


In addition to our flagship program, we are creating additional spaces to share the love and message of the Tacoma Refugee Choir.  This includes:

  • TRC Teen Sings- We began with Tacoma School District teachers and students grades 6-12 singing in community online at a time when we need singing the most.  The program has since expanded to include Puyallup, Federal Way, and Summer-Bonney Lake school districts and independent students.  Online on Wednesdays 4-5:15pm

  • Music Therapy- A series of classes are held several times per year and led by Megumi Azekawa of Puget Sound Music Therapy. 

  • Listening Sessions- TRC's Community Engagement Coordinator is facilitating conversations around the lived experiences of refugees and people of color.  Please contact Thierry if interested in learning more.

  • "Creating Home Together" Podcast- A podcast that delves into the intersection of refugees, immigration, and racism as experienced by our members.  Coming in September.

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The Tacoma Refugee Choir is able to provide these programs thanks to the generous support of donors like you!  This generosity has allowed us to keep our programs FREE of charge and reduce barriers that often limit participation by members from marginalized communities.

Learn more about making a financial contribution.

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Meet Our Team

We are a diverse team dedicated to creating a welcoming community
for all.



"The choir is my family.  It has brought my own family closer together and helped me get through the tough days.  

“The choir healed my mistrust…the choir gave me a reason to do hard things….I will make you proud.”

"It’s a beautiful place. I love the energy. I love the diversity. I love the
togetherness. It makes me feel happy. It makes me feel at home. 

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Tacoma Refugee Choir is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.