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Creating spaces for authentic expression, interconnection, 
and healing through song and music.

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Who We Are


Tacoma Refugee Choir members come from all walks of life. We are business owners, judges, psychologists, grocery workers, security guards, students, parents, and musicians. We are refugees, immigrants, and friends who seek belonging and are committed to creating a more welcoming community.
We all feel at home in TRC. 

This year, the choir includes 45 members who originate from 17 countries, with 60% identifying as a person of color and 58% having lived experience with immigration. Our different backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs become a strength as we come together in solidarity to amplify stories of displacement and work together with love and respect to create spaces for authentic expression, interconnection and healing through song and music.

What we do

  • Our flagship program is the Tacoma Refugee Choir. We meet weekly as a choir family to not only sing together, but also to check-in about life's challenges and support one another. An emphasis on belonging creates the psychological safety and unity needed to create belonging for all within our diverse community.

  • Harmony After Hours is our outreach program that allows community members to experience love and community through music. 

  • Our school program centers on building a sustained presence of community support for local students and includes staff teaching songs, choir members attending concerts, and engaging to reinforce the message that our community values young people.

  • We produce two major concerts per year and perform throughout the community. Over the past eight years, we have performed for over 50,000 people.


What makes the choir unique?

  • Music is the project that brings us together but our goal is to create space for healing and well-being. We accomplish this through programming that centers relationships and provides space to nurture and uplift one another.

  • Participation in the choir and Harmony After Hours is completely free, thanks to generous donors like you. Many of our events are free as well.

  • To ensure all can contribute without prior training, we teach songs aurally. 

  • The majority of our songs are TRC originals written by members.

  • Love is central to all that we do.

- Choir member after their first TRC rehearsal