We believe in the power of music

to heal, change and unite people of

all cultures, colors, and religions.

We are a welcoming community of refugees, immigrants, and friends united in the pursuit of love, hope, and belonging.

Though we as individuals may feel powerless to change conditions for the 65 million people displaced by wars, famine, and natural disasters, we are not powerless to ensure that those who find themselves in our community are welcomed and loved.

Due to the state of COVID-19, we are making some adjustments in our upcoming programming:

  1. The Tacoma Refugee Choir is meeting remotely via Zoom for practices and small group sessions. We are using this time to strengthen relationships, uplift one another, write and share songs based on the experiences of our members, and of course, sing! 

  2. We are focusing on our Member Services and following up with our members to identify individual needs and connect them to community resources.


We are in this together.

What do we do?

We use music to engage our members in conversation and connections, focusing on the relationships that form as we sing together. Many of our songs are based on the stories of refugees in our community or co-created with members.


To provide a more equitable and welcoming space:

  1. No audition is required

  2. Musical training is not needed 

  3. Participation and performances are free 

We believe in the power of music to heal, change and unite. By coming together as people of all cultures, colors, and religions, our communities can change for the better.  

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The Tacoma Refugee Choir is able to welcome refugees and immigrants due to the generous support of donors like you!  This generosity has allowed us to keep our programs FREE of charge and reduce barriers that often limit participation by members from marginalized communities.

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Join us on our journey to unite our community.

Simple things can make a difference. Make a difference by:

Simply saying hello and extending respect to people in your community, especially those who identify as refugees and immigrants. 


Making a donation to allow us to keep our programming free.

Sharing our music, videos, social posts.

Attending our concerts and events (many of which are free) and accepting the challenge to use your voice to make a difference.

Meet Our Team

We are a diverse team dedicated to creating a welcoming community
for all.

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“It’s hard not to love people when you sing together.”
-“Everyone Has a Song” by the Tacoma Refugee Choir 




"I know that if anything happens, there is a community of people who will be right there to come help me — or anyone else.


“The choir healed my mistrust…the choir gave me a reason to do hard things….I will make you proud.”



"It’s a beautiful place. I love the energy. I love the diversity. I love the
togetherness. It makes me feel happy. It makes me feel at
home. I love it!

Tacoma Refugee Choir is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

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REHEARSALS (Tuesdays 7 pm - 8:30 pm)

We are currently meeting virtually via Zoom Meetings in place of or regular gatherings. Please contact us if you are interested in joining.


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