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Creating spaces for authentic expression, interconnection, 
and healing through music.

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Tonight 2/11 is our first big concert of the 2023!

Join us for a very special TRC concert. We are bringing back our friends from ZJE Mongolian Music Ensemble and their enchanting music that is unlike any sound you might hear in performance in Tacoma. We are also joined by guest accompanists Providence Kamana and Margie Skreen-Dickerson


This concert is also a send-off for our actual journey: later this month, TRC will be traveling as a group to Cincinnati, Ohio, at the invitation of the American Choral Directors Association (ACDA) annual national conference. TRC has been invited to perform for this conference, and it is our first performance outside of Washington! Please join us for this send-off concert and celebrate the moment together!

For full details about the concert, please click on this image for the full Concert Program:

Thank you for helping us make the
Heart of Tacoma Festival a success!

Who We Are


Though we as individuals may feel powerless to change conditions for the 100+ million people displaced by wars, famine, and natural disasters, we are not powerless to ensure that those who find themselves in our community are welcomed and loved.

While singing is a key part of the experience, our primary objective is to create space where meaningful relationships can develop and members can uplift one another.  We use music as a tool to engage members and open the door for authentic expression, interconnection, and healing. New members often comment on the love and genuine welcome they feel.

The Tacoma Refugee Choir is firmly committed to diversity, equity, access and inclusion and strives to embed these principles in everything we do.  This includes our approach to singing.

Our Impact

We are refugees, immigrants, and friends who seek belonging and are committed to creating a more welcoming community.

We believe in the power of music to uplift, inspire and unite people of all cultures, colors, and religions. 

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Any amount from small to large can make the difference in this program.

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Curated, created, and produced by Tacoma Refugee Choir to continue with our mission for creating a safe home and space for Refugees, Immigrants, locals, and a Global Community at large. Podcast hosts are Thierry Ruboneka and Maurice Lekea.