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Remarks: Maurice Lekea

Good Things Happen

by Orlando G. Morales
Karen Peters, soloist


Twasema Karibu
by Nathalie Bajinya

Nathalie Bajinya, soloist
performed in Swahili

Turn Around
by Emil Adler and Julie Flanders

spoken word by Tshishiku Henry
Prauper Jones, spoken word artist


More than a Refugee
by Gadine Boutin-Niyotwizeye & Orlando G. Morales

Gadine Boutin-Niyotwizeye & Nikki Arogundade, soloists

Remarks: Gadine Boutin-Niyotwizeye

✦ ✦ ✦

City of Destiny

by Orlando G. Morales
Michael Green, soloist
Mayor Victoria Woodards, guest conductor

Remarks: Sander Lazer

Moon Song
lyrics by Abby E. Murray, inspired by youth detained at Selma Carson Home
music by Erin Guinup

Something Good
by Sander Lazar

✦ ✦ ✦

Ubuntu Chant
by Providence Kamana

Change Is Gonna Come
by Same Cook

✦ ✦ ✦

Remarks: Lucia Guerrero

Golosinas criollas

by Luis Laguna
genre: merengue tradicional

El Espanto

by Adelis Freitez
genre: merengue curarigueño

El Ferry

by Rafael Sanchez
genre: gaita de furro

Roberto Bonaccorso, soloist

El Golpe Tradicional

by Ricardo Aguirre
genre: gaita de furro

Roberto Bonaccorso, soloist

La Moza

by Betulio Medina & Simon Udón García
genre: gaita

David Yepez, soloist

Los Dos Gavilanes

by Adelis Freitez
genre: golpe tocuyano

by Pablo Herrero & Josè Luis Armenteros
genre: pasaje


✦ ✦ ✦

Remarks: Katia Marynevich


Who Am I?
by Katia Marynevich

Katia Marynevich, soloist

Lean On Me

by Bill Withers

Nikki Arogundade, soloist

United Drum Beat
by Sean Duncan, Laurie Johnson, Joyce Davis & Erin Guinup

✦ ✦ ✦

Everyone Can Love Someone
by Trésor John, Nathalie Bajinya & Erin Guinup

✦ ✦ ✦

Thank you for coming today and being part of our community.

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Guest Artists


George Sadak is a drummer and Egyptian dumbek player whose musical journey has taken him through Eastern music, Jazz, music of the Arabian Gulf, the Balkans and his first love, the music of his native land. As a teenager, George performed in international clubs around the Northwest during the 80s. In the 90s he relocated to LA, where he performed in international shows and was a studio session artist. Now relocated back in Seattle, George performs around the Northwest with several lineups. He started the Anubis Nights concept in 2011, a music and dance variety show that features Middle eastern music and Belly Dancing but also includes a variety of World Music and Jazz among other genres.


Amelia Cabrera, Executive Director
José Tovar, Artistic Director

TUMBARRANCHO GAITERO is a musical and social group established in Seattle, Washington in 2023 to attract and bring Venezuelan artists together to perform and spread the love of classic Venezuelan songs and traditions. Their musical repertoire consists of Aguinaldos, Gaitas, and other well-known Venezuelan folk songs.


Alejandra Chaparro, voice
Amelia Cabrera, voice
Eddy Badell de Miles, voice
David Yepez, voice
Marco Martinez, voice
Maria Traettino, voice
Susanne Miles, voice
Maria Carrillo, voice
Alfredo Jimenez, drums
Angel Tovar, drums
Cesar Tovar, bass
David Blanco Peña,

charrasca & maracas

Oscar Naim, voice & guitar
Roberto Bonaccorso, cuatro
Jose Tovar, cuatro


PROVIDENCE KAMANA is a local singer and music producer, as well as a community organizer passionate about helping youth across the globe. Before moving to the USA in 2016, he studied Music and Culture and participated in several music programs that promoted peace and justice within the DRC. He went on to establish the Congolese American Language Institute Mass Choir, where local youth learn English through music. He has been awarded Best Vocalist at Elanga Festival in Kinshasa in 2012 and finished 3rd on Airtel Trace Music Star, a National Talent Show. He also has been awarded as the Best Independent Male Artist by HAPA awards in Hollywood, California 2019. Since moving to America, he has assisted countless youth and refugee families in the process of starting over in the US.

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